Introduction to Powerboating


For those more interested in speed and less about sail, Quest Howth has a range of powerboating courses that will take you from complete beginner to a knowledgeable competent  powerboat driver. Introduction to Powerboating course Level 1 is where the complete novices starts. The aim of this course is to provide a short practical introduction to boat handling and safety. The course consists of 7 hours tuition over one day. By the end of the course all Quest Howth participants will be able to safely and effectively crew a powerboat. Ready to move on to Powerboating Level 2 and certify for the National Certificate for Powerboating.


Times:  9.30 – 17.00
1 Day Course

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April 20, April 21, May 11, May 12, June 8, June 9, July 27, July 28, September 7, September 8, October 26, October 28, October 26, November 9, November 10, December 7, December 8